• What is Test and Tag?
    Test and Tag is the term used to describe the process of inspecting and testing of electrical equipment to ensure it is safe for use according to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010
  • What is the procedure for Testing?
    Each appliance undergoes a careful visual inspection followed by a series of electrical tests using a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT). These can include polarity testing, leakage testing, insulation resistance testing and earth continuity testing. Safety switches (RCD's) require a trip time test.
  • What needs to be tested?
    As a general rule, anything that plugs into AC power needs to be tested. Some examples are extension cords, power cords, power boards, computers, monitors, printers, kettles, power tools, machinery, chargers, safety switches, photocopiers, hand dryers, fax machines, toasters, vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment, portable heaters and airconditioners, projectors, and more. Items above 2.5 metres from the ground are exempt from testing along with hard wired electrical items as well as any item that needs to be dismantled to be tested.
  • What happens once the appliance is tested?
    Once the appliance is inspected and electrically tested it will either fail or pass. If it passes, then it will be tagged to say that it has passed testing according to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010. If it fails the test, then it will tagged appropriately and shall be removed from service until remedial action is taken. The owner or responsible person shall determine if the appliance is to be repaired or disposed of, or other corrective measure. A detailed report of all items tested will be provided.
  • What is the testing interval for electrical appliances?
    This can vary from 3 months to 5 years depending on the item and the environment which they are used in.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we are fully insured with $20 Million Public Liability Cover for your peace of mind. A Certificate of Currency is available upon request.
  • Which areas do you cover?
    We generally service the Adelaide Metro area, however we do travel if required.
  • What qualifications do you have?
    We have been trained to test plug-in electrial equipment as required by law under the South Australian Work Health and Safety Legislation and AS/NZS 3760:2010 and have a White Card.
  • Do i need to keep records of the items I have tested?
    Yes, it is law that records be kept for a period of 7 years.
  • What are your business hours?
    We can test your appliances during business hours or at a time outside regular business hours. We are happy to discuss this with you to arrange a suitable time.
  • What does it cost to test my appliances?
    The cost is determined by the number of items that need to be tested and any additional travel that may be required for outer areas. Please contact us for an obligation free quote.
  • What is a Class 1 and Class 2 appliance?
    A Class 1 appliance is an appliance that is earthed and has a 3 pin plug and a Class 2 appliance is double insulated and is not earthed.
  • Can you replace a damaged plug on an appliance?
    Yes, we can replace a plug on an appliance, extension cord or power lead for a small additional fee.
  • I am a tradesperson with power tools that need testing. Can I bring them to you for testing?
    We are a mobile service however we can arrange a mutually suitable time for you to leave equipment with us for testing. We will test them for you promptly and call you for collection upon completion.